Lagniappe Oxford goes to the Grove! Starting this football season Lagniappe will offer exceptional floral arrangements for your tent.

Game-day Grove pick up or tent delivery.

Select the floral packet that works best for your Rebel Spirit.

The Hostess

Bring your A-game on your week to host.

$200     or     $300     or     $400

For the game of your choice.

The SEC Showdown

“It’s just means more.” Show the rest of the SEC 

who wins the party.

$800     or     $1200     or     $1600

For the SEC games of the season.

The Home-Field Advantage

Every game, every time, rain or shine.

$1400     or     $2100     or     $2800

For the entire season.

The Fair-Weather Fan

Not every game, but a party just the same. Customizable 

based on your game schedule.

$200 +

For your specific game schedule.

Convenient Grove pick-up!


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