In July of 2012, Lagniappe made the decision to ban all reproduction art. We began to feature only original artwork from Mississippi artists. Ever since then we have had a rotating art gallery, changing artists every six weeks to keep our mix interesting and fresh. The  “Mississippi artists” have grown to include artists from all over the South that have ties to the Delta.

Each show features five artists with varying styles to give the store an eclectic look, and to provide our clientele with a varied selection of artwork.

Though we are not your typical gallery with stark walls and a bare interior, we are an emerging place for artists to display their work. We encourage sales by displaying art in a way you would in your own home, and by using art to complete our interior design projects.

We maintain relations with all former artists and can contact them for commissioned, personalized pieces to fit your needs. With over fifty past artists, our store remains full of original artwork from former and current artists.

We look forward to continuing to bring art to the Delta and your home.

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